Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Radhika's EZ Veg - Biryani

RaRa's Quick Veg Biryani 


2C      Basmati Rice
2C      Mix Vegetable (Preferably Cut potatoes, Cauliflower, English Peas)
1C      Onion Chopped
8-10   Garlic cloves
1'        Ginger
0-5     Green Chillies
1C      Cilantro
0.5C   Mint
6        Cloves
1'       Cinnamon Stick
1        Bay Leaf
1t       Cumin
1t       Turmeric
3T     Ghee/Oil


1C    Spinach

Grind to paste: Mint, CilantroGarlicGingerCloves, Cinnamon, Green chillies 

Place a pressure cooker on a medium-high heat

Add Oil/Ghee to the pressure cooker 
Add Cumin, Bay leaf, let it fry for about 15 seconds
Add Chopped Onion saute till browned 
Add Turmeric 
Add the green paste made as mentioned above
Add Chopped Veggies, let it cook a little bit, keep stirring
Add the rinsed Basmati rice mix everything well, let the  mixture cook for a bit, stir in between
Add 3 cups of water, let it boil.
Add salt per taste
pressure cook for 8-10 min.

Variation: Add little spinach when making the green paste 

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