Tuesday, October 13, 2015

EZ-PZ Rajma


1C  Rajma
4T  Ghee
1C  Onion
1T  Ginger
1T  Garlic
1T  Cumin Powder
2T  Coriander Powder
2T  Rajma Masala
3T  Tomato Paste
1C  Cilantro


#3  Chillies
1T Chilli Powder
1t   Garam Masala


1.  Soak Rajma overnight  or 4-5 hours
2.  Pressure cook Rajma for 30 min, Check for soft beans, if not cook for more 5-10 min
3.  Make a coarse paste of onion, ginger and garlic
4.  Pour ghee in a pan on a medium heat
5.  Put the onion ginger garlic paste in hot ghee carefully, and fry until light brown
6.  Add tomato paste, coriander powder, rajma masala, half of the chopped cilantro
     (and other optional ingredients) and cook till  oil separates.
7.  Add cooked rajma beans to the pan, add more water as necessary for a good consistency.
8.  Add Cumin powder, and rest of the cilantro and let is boil for a few mins.

Rajma is ready.

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